What I offer and who can benefit:

Discovery Call – Free

This is your chance to find out if Life Coaching is right for you. A free, no obligation call, where we can chat about coaching and what you would like to achieve from it, before deciding if you are ready to give it a go.

Pay As You Go – £50 per session

Book a one to one personal session with me. Each session takes place over zoom and last for 60 minutes. We would always recommend a minimum of 4 sessions to see progress, but this could be a good way for you to test the water

Full Monthly Plan – £150

By far the most cost effective and popular option. For £150 you will receive coaching and support for a full month. This includes 4 x 1hour virtual (or in-person) sessions (weekly). If you are truly ready to change your life, this is the option for you.

Who is this coaching for?

This form of coaching which incorporates mindbody elements is for anyone looking for lasting relief from TMS, back pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, insomnia, and other common chronic pain manifestations. Pain studies have shown that pain lasting over 6 months most often has mindbody elements. This is often overlooked and can lead to misdiagnosis of chronic pain that falls under some common categories including:

Structural abnormalities:

There are now countless studies showing that structural abnormalities are a normal part of the ageing process. Additionally, studies show that people with structural abnormalities often don’t experience any pain. If your long-term pain has been diagnosed as caused by a slipped disc, bursitis or a postural issue there is a good chance your pain has mindbody elements.

Chemical Misbalances:

Chronic stress causes chemical imbalances such as increased cortisol and reduced serotonin. These hormonal responses put the body is a state of fight/flight/freeze and are caused through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual stressors. The stress response needs to be explored to bring the mindbody back to homeostasis and to enter a state for recovery to be possible. 

Old Injuries:

Chronic pain is often attributed to old injuries such as a sprained ankle while running or pulling your back while lifting a table. However, the body is really good at healing external and internal injuries. Thus, if pain from an injury has lasted over 6 months and has stopped responding to physical treatment such as physio it is likely a more holistic approach is required for recovery. 

Dietary Issues:

Restrictive dietary practices required to respond to food intolerances are similarly focused on one area of your life: PHYSICAL. Other elements in life affect your body and your gut flora and thus need to be aligned for recovery. While it is good to be careful with one eats to a certain extent, we all deserve to enjoy what we want in moderation! 

So what causes TMS/chronic pain?

  • Emotions Buried By Your Mindbody Personality Traits

  • Stress from the past

  • Stress in the present 


The personality traits of those who have TMS:
People pleasers

These personality traits tend to lead to subconscious repression of certain emotions due to a perception that they are dangerous. The brain uses a distraction, PAIN, to ensure attention goes to the body rather than the “dangerous” feeling. This becomes completely AUTOMATIC over time. 

The role of stress:

Chronic stress can be caused by multiple reasons and these will fall under emotion, physical, mental, and spiritual. Stress causes a rise in tension, flight/flight hormones, and over time weakens our internal system. It is common for treatments to overly focus on the PHYSICAL causes of stress and neglect the others.
Thus, I am offering a service which will delve into all aspects of your life in relation to your chronic pain. This whole-bodied approach will explore the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects to chronic pain and how that specifically relates to you. The aim of this coaching is that you can become your own doctor and find lasting relief.
If you are interested further and want to take the first step towards recovering from chronic pain and changing your life book a complimentary call now!