My story

I want to help you recover from chronic pain

I am Ed, the creator of Path Out Of Pain and here are the headlines of my story:

6 years of struggling against chronic pain using every physical remedy I could get my hands on

Loss of physical activity due to poor medical advice

Introduced to TMS through a book and had my first pain-free day in 6 years

Exploring my mindbody for the last two years to fully integrate the TMS knowledge and tackle the obstacles in my path to full recovery

Presently fully able and capable of all physical activity and free from chronic pain. YAY! 

Inspired by my recovery, I have trained as a Holistic Life Coach and Mindbody Practitioner to facilitate others in their recovery from chronic pain

Passionate to learn more about the mindbody, pain and life and to share that with you!

Deeply appreciative for the journey till now and for every dog that lets me pet them 🙂

I am Ed, the creator of Path out of Pain. 

For 6 years I struggled and fought against chronic pain symptoms including shoulder pain, neck pain, sciatica, and insomnia. I had tried every physical treatment I could think of such as: chiropractors, steroid injections, acupuncture, countless hours of physio, stretching, and a multitude of physical pain aids. I followed medical advice and stopped being physically active but I continued to be in pain. I felt completely hopeless. 

By chance, around 2 years ago,  I came across a life-changing book that radically shifted my perspective of my body (The Mindbody Prescription – Dr John Sarno). I saw myself in every page and the day I read that book was my first pain-free day in 6 years. Since then, I have been consistently applying mind-body techniques while deepening my understanding of TMS and have been able to resume all of my favourite activities!

I would be lying if I said my path out of pain was a smooth road. It has been full of speed bumps, stinging nettles, and thorny hedges. I have shed tears, been frustrated, felt deeper than I thought was possible, been full of skepticism, and finally accepted that I am a human being not a perfect machine. However, these challenges brought me here and I am immensely GRATEFUL for the new freedom I experience everyday. Thus, I have professionally trained as a Holistic Life Coach and Mindbody Practitioner with the MindBodyFood institute to give my all to facilitate your journey from chronic pain to freedom.

I am Edinburgh-based, however I am comfortable with working virtually with anyone suffering from chronic symptoms who needs support towards recovery.  If you are in Edinburgh you are likely to find me at some point running up one of the many hills, playing games on the meadows, and at the Salisbury centre connecting with wonderful people. 


What I do

I am here to support you every step of the way on your recovery from chronic pain.

Through this process, we will uncover your thinking patterns, emotions, and personality traits and how these interlink to cause chronic pain. I provide a safe space for you to be supported, challenged, and learn the tools you need to get your life back. 

I follow a holistic paradigm to ensure that all parts of your life are in alignment to fully embed this change. 

I tailor my services to your unique needs while providing the compassion and knowledge learned from lived-experience to facilitate you in the best way possible. 

Everyone can change and recover from chronic pain, sometimes you just need the right support in your corner!