• Dr. Jami Rassmussen

I'm Sorry For Being Soft

Most people who smoke know it's killing them.

They still do it.

Billions of dollars has been spent and countless lives devoted to sounding the alarm - "Smoking Kills!"

Yet many still smoke.

Does this stop the anti-smoking crusaders?

No. They keep pumping out powerful ads.


Even though many still smoke, many lives have been saved, and many more need saving.

How did the anti-smoking crusade save these lives?

They were bold and unapologetic.

They told the TRUTH in a powerful way.

Most of their ads are gruesome and trigger a visceral effect.

They have to be. Being soft doesn't save lives...

Which brings me to my apology. I am sorry for being soft.

More times than I'd like to admit I was soft.

I knew the seriousness of subluxation and how it's robbing life from you and your loved ones but I was soft.

I didn't want you to think I was crazy. I didn't want you to run away.

I believed by talking about sports or the weather you would like me and give me a chance to show you what life could be like with a healthy nervous system. That you would stick around and get the real benefits of regular chiropractic care.

And you did. For a little while.

But since I wasn't bold enough you never truly understood why it's vital you get checked for subluxation for as long as you value your health.

If I had been bold enough you would know subluxation prevents your body from healing.

You would know-

Subluxation causes you to age prematurely

Subluxation keeps you from fully engaging with your loved ones.

Subluxation keeps you from fully pursuing your dreams.

Like smoking, subluxation kills you slowly.

But unlike smoking, people have no idea what subluxation is and how it's killing them.

You have no idea what subluxation is because too many of us chiropractors have been soft. We wanted you to like us.

We wanted to be accepted by you, your doctors, your insurance company so we quit talking about subluxation and started talking about low back and neck pain.

We became soft.

I am sorry. I truly am.

Every time a patient stops care after feeling better, it breaks my heart.

I know I could have been bolder.

I wish I would have spent more time trying to undo the years of medical and pharmaceutical conditioning that has trained them to believe they are victims of genetic happenstance, that health comes form a pill bottle.

I wish I would have spent more time empowering them and showing them how powerful they were on the inside.

I wish I would have shown them how much better their lives and their loved ones' lives could have been under proactive chiropractic care.

I get it, just like some people still smoke, some still wouldn't pursue this type of care.

But they deserved a better chance and for that I am sorry.

Talk soon,

Dr. Jami

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